Make It Your Style

I've found a lot of pieces that don't match my first. With just a few tweaks, each piece ends up totally awesome and totally my style.

I've seen a bunch of owls similar to this on the modern decorating sites but, they're selling for sround $50. I really like the look of them so I've been looking around for something less expensive that I could possibly modify. I found this owl at Hobby Lobby for $17.50! I really liked the style of it but the paint was all wrong for me.

So, I used spray paint to make it look like the modern owls I've been seeing lately. I primed it first and then used a glossy white to give it this shiny finish.
The next piece looks very different from the way it did originally.

I sanded it (surprisingly the before picture is before I started sanding) and then spraypainted it. Hanging from this metal accent piece is a ball of air plants. How cool!

All I did was prime and paint this piece using spraypaint.
Next are a pair of horse heads I use as bookends. Just a little bit of paint took them from western to modern!

Yes, I know you must be thinking..."why don't I have a flying pig in my living room?" LOL

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